What is The First 50 Lessons of A Course in Miracles Program?

Millions of people have experienced rapid spiritual healing of their minds by practicing the Workbook Lessons known as

A Course in Miracles.


Yet, many people complain that it's too complicated and confusing.

No more.

I created this program to simplify the basics of the mind training for you.

I remember wanting a simplified version of what you need to train your mind, release fear, and step into real power using

The First 50 Lessons of A Course in Miracles.


We all want to rapidly shift from stuck, fearful or in self-doubt, to 


Now, you can.


The First 50 Lessons Program is designed for you!

Imagine being free from the pain of your past conditioning, believing your fearful thoughts. 

Here's how to stop that forever.

I know it might sound too good to be true. 

Yet, this simple program has brought healing to millions of people who were suffering with fear, doubt, lack and powerlessness.


What would you like to experience in your life? Where are you stopped? Do you know?  It's often buried deep in the subconscious. 

I know.  Here's one way to undo those patterns and provide a whole new way of thinking and believing.


You can become free of fear and create a powerful life.

What is A Course in Miracles?

It's a spiritual mind training program that "removes the blocks to the awareness of love's presence".  Your natural inheritance is love.  


With this simple program, one lesson per day you can experience more love, more peace than you ever thought possible.


Each lesson will teach you how to release fear and experience yourself as whole and complete. 


How? It's systematic.  It's designed to work.

Mind training program



Easy to consume content.

The Program consists of 36 short 15-20 minute video instructions with text for you to watch and apply to your mind each day and It's yours forever


What is required of you?

1. Just watch the video for15-20 minutes each day and read along. Let the miracles happen. Feel your life improve, your ability to be at peace and release your past programming.


2. Come to the Live Coaching Sessions.


That's it!


Learn from a Master Mentor of Transformation.


The First 50 Lessons of A Course in Miracles Program will get you started on the path to life of freedom from fear and suffering. 


To truly have power, it's vital to have a daily practice of release.


The First 50 Lessons Program is that practice.


What will you receive?


The Entire Program - 36 Videos, the Transcripts.

And 3 Live Coaching Sessions with Monica.

So, within 36 days you will have a breakthrough.


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But will it work?

Here's what people are saying:


Monica showed me how to live without fear, how to love myself more, and to forgive those who hurt me in the past. I don't wake up angry and feeling like a failure anymore. With her guidance I have become more positive, loving and productive in my life. She has really helped me look at life more positively.  Tim C.


For many years I felt deep in my heart that there was a life purpose waiting for me to embrace and fulfill. I tried several ways over the years to discover this purpose with out any success. I had given up and thought I'd never find it until I met Monica. Her ability to guide me was miraculous and I now feel an overwhelming sense of joy, relief and belonging.                      Crystal Goodwin  


Results: 30 years helping people heal their mind!



I am happier, more satisfied, grounded, at peace and definitely, more accepting of myself and others. Our work together has grown beyond healing old wounds and feeling better. Monica is helping me strengthen my intuition and build my faith. She is more than a guide, coach, and mentor. She is a voice of unconditional love, pure acceptance, and Universal understanding  Melissa Dugan

  • You will feel much more at peace. 

  • Your relationships will improve.

  • You will experience freedom from fear.

  • You will connect spiritually with your guidance and find out who you really are.


Transformation has never been more profound.

Why is this program so powerful?


1. It will save you decades of time: 


Much faster than a meditation program, this program will save you years of time, energy and money.  We begin at the beginning, and take you through Lesson 50. I am sustained by the LOVE of God.  


Long periods of silence are not required.  20 minutes a day is all you need.


2. What you will feel: 


Major SHIFTS in your consciousness....


Each video is a miraculous release of the mental programming from the past.


Your life won't be the same as you take 20 minutes each day to absorb the lesson and apply it to your personal life.


3. What you will discover: 


You are a creator.  You are whole and perfect.  There is nothing wrong with you and peace is possible.  Indeed it is inevitable when you know how to think like a Master.


If this isn't your experience yet, it soon will be. 


I want everyone to be free of the constructs of human suffering.  I have created this program at an extremely low beta price so that anyone can have the peace they are intended for.   Thank you for your dedication to the awakening of  your consciousness.  It's the only way to really change the world.  It's an inside job.  

Monica Dubay

First 50 Lessons Course

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                 $997                           $397

The First 50 Lessons Course with Monica is designed to save you years of time, money and needless suffering.

A simple, very affordable solution to anxiety, fear and pain.


Miracles are natural. 

Experience the energy of a master of transformation without having to travel, sit for long periods hoping to have a moment of peace!


Stop reading books and purchasing expensive programs that never give you results!


What to do instead?

Take action now.  To get started, and end the cycle of anxiety and pain today with this simple program. 

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Remember, your life really matters.

Create a life filled with joy, freedom and peace.

Disclaimer: You are purchasing a digital program.


Private support is available through Monica's group and private coaching programs.


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